ORF Participant Information and Legal Agreements

Prior to accessing the FINRA OTC Reporting Facility (ORF), firms must execute the latest version of the FINRA Participation Agreement (FPA), currently Version 1.2. Firms that have previously executed the FPA in order to access another FINRA system (e.g., TRACE) will only need to execute the Amendment to the FPA v.1.2, adding the ORF. Instructions for completing the FPA may be accessed via the link below.

Firms that will be reporting trades on behalf of another FINRA member must execute and have on file with FINRA the Uniform Service Bureau/Executing Broker Agreements (USA) prior to submitting trades to the ORF.

Questions on executing or submitting the FPA or USA may be directed to FINRA Market Operations or call (866)-776-0800.

Participation Agreement


Fee Agreement


ORF Web Access Agreement


Release Forms

  • TRACE Order Form (for ORF) (Firm Gateway) - Please allow 2 business days for processing