ORF Trade Journals – Testing

Beginning Monday June 16, 2014, FINRA OTC Reporting Facility (ORF) migration testing will include access to ORF Trade Journal files via the FINRA ADDS secure website. The files will include data for firms submitting ORF test trades to the NASDAQOMX Test Facility (NTF) and/or firms named as a party to test ORF trades submitted to NTF.1 Note: Firms must submit trades to the NTF or be named as a party to trades in NTF to see any test trade journal files. Firms that are not submitting or being named as a party to ORF test trades submitted to NTF on or after June 16, 2014, will not have any ORF Trade Journal files available for download.

Access to ORF Trade Journal files

Access to FINRA ADDS is available through the FINRA Entitlement System and is controlled by your firms' Super Account Administrators (SAA). Effective June 2, 2014, all SAAs for firms that have at least one Equity Market Participant Identifier (MPID) have been given administrator rights to the ORF Trade Journals entitlement, and may begin to authorize users at their firms for access to the test files. On or after June 16, 2014, those users with ORF Trade Journals access may log into FINRA ADDS to request and download files of trades from the most recent three business days.

Note: When the ORF migration begins on September 15, 2014, this entitlement will enable users to access their trade journals for trades submitted to the ORF production environment; no further action will be required to gain access. In addition, there are no fees associated with access to this part of the service.

Optional Services

There are two optional services available for ORF Trade Journals:

  • the ORF Data Delivery Plus Service, which enables firms to see data for trade dates older than the most recent three business days, and
  • ORF Data Delivery SFTP, which enables firms to automate the process of retrieving their daily trade journal files.

Firms interested in the optional services should submit an Optional Services Request Form to request access to either or both services. Additional information about the optional services is available at www.finra.org/datadelivery.

During the testing period, no fees will be assessed for the optional services. However, effective September 15, 2014, firms that enroll in ORF optional services will be assessed a monthly fee per MPID enrolled in the each service. Fees are subject to a proposed rule change that will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Firms that do not wish to remain enrolled to these services at that time may terminate their access.

The FINRA ADDS User Guide contains detailed information regarding access to FINRA ADDS and how to download the ORF Trade Journals.

Questions regarding this notice or ORF Trade Journals should be directed to FINRA ADDS.

  1. FINRA ADDS is a next-day system. Therefore, ORF trade journal files will be made available the next business day after the trades have been submitted. For example, trades submitted to ORF on a Friday will be available in the FINRA ADDS system on the following Monday.