Technical Notice

Update - TDDS 2.0 Bandwidth Modification

September 24, 2018

FINRA has amended the schedule for the TDDS 2.0 data feed bandwidth increase. Beginning Monday, December 3, 2018, FINRA will increase the bandwidth rate for the Trade Data Dissemination Service 2.0 (TDDS 2.0) vendor feed from 800 kilobits per second (kbps) to 2,500 kilobits per second (kbps). This bandwidth adjustment was previously scheduled to take place on October 22, 2018.


FINRA will test the new bandwidth rate on Saturday November 17, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET. The TDDS 2.0 production IP addresses and ports will publish the test data.

TDDS 2.0 subscribers are encouraged to participate in the test in order to ensure their systems can accept the higher data rates. TDDS 2.0 subscribers participating in the test should ensure their network provider is successfully processing the feed. FINRA will issue test details as the date approaches.

Note - The TDDS 2.0 data rate change and testing opportunity does not impact any of the ORF reporting applications (CTCI, FIX and TRAQS) and there is no requirement for firms to submit trade reports for the test.

Please direct questions and comments regarding this notice to FINRA Product Management or call (866) 899-2107.