OTC Threshold API Guidelines

FINRA supports an Application Program Interface (API) process for accessing the OTC Threshold list.

The query string lists an example of 30-OCT-15, but any date the client wishes to search would be entered at the end of the string in the format listed to filter results for that specific date. Data can be returned in either XML or JSON format.

API Data query string – OTC threshold data retrieval:

XML data format example:

        <IssueName>EPAZZ, Inc. Common Stock</IssueName>
        <Market>Other OTC</Market>

JSON data format example:
"TradeDate": "10/30/2015"
"Symbol": "EPAZ"
"IssueName": "EPAZZ, Inc. Common Stock"
"Market": "Other OTC"
"RegShoThresholdFlag": "Y"
"Rule4320": "N"