Fintech, Regtech & Suptech: Keeping Up with Industry Innovations


Fintech, Regtech & Suptech: Keeping Up with Industry Innovations

Financial technology (fintech) has revolutionized the financial industry. Need proof? Just ask yourself: when was the last time you went to a bank to deposit a check?

From digital banking and mobile trading apps to Venmo, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, fintech has changed the way we manage our money and investments and the ways in which financial services companies reach and interact with their customers.

So how are financial industry regulators keeping up with the newest developments and predicting their impact on the financial industry and possible regulation? For FINRA, the answer is the Innovation Outreach Initiative. In this episode, Haime Workie and Kavita Jain join us to talk about the initiative itself and share their insights on the fintech innovations that are driving market activity around the world.

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