Requests for Comments

Instructions for Submitting Comments

FINRA encourages member firms and other interested parties to comment on all aspects of proposed rules or areas of regulatory interest for which comments are being sought. Firms and interested parties may submit their comments via one of the following methods: 

  1. Email written comments: PDF is the preferred format for comments submitted as email attachments. Microsoft Word is also accepted.
  2. Mail written comments to:
    Marcia E. Asquith
    Executive Vice President, Board and External Relations
    1735 K Street, NW
    Washington DC 20006-1500;

FINRA posts all comments it receives on a proposal or report on the FINRA website for the public to access and review submissions. Generally, FINRA posts comments on the FINRA website as they are received. Note: FINRA posts comments as submitted by the author(s). Therefore, parties should submit in their comments only information that they wish to make available publicly. The following notice will appear on FINRA's website where electronic comments are posted: The views, expressions, findings and opinions expressed in the comments on this web page are solely those of the author(s) and FINRA accepts no responsibility for the content of the comments.

*Rulemaking Proposals
In the area of rulemaking, FINRA is required to file with the SEC proposed rules that govern the conduct of FINRA member firms. Prior to filing a proposed rule with the SEC, FINRA generally solicits comments on the proposal from members, investors, and the general public through a Regulatory Notice, which is posted on FINRA's website.

The Notice describes the rule proposal or area of regulatory interest and indicates when and how comments may be submitted. Comments received during the comment period are fully considered before any further action is taken by FINRA.

Following receipt of a proposed rule filing, the SEC publishes the rule in the Federal Register so that the public may consider it. In general, interested persons have at least 21 days from the date of publication to register their comments. After comments are received, the SEC may approve or disapprove the rule, or FINRA may decide to change it.