Amendments to NASD Code of Arbitration Procedure to Modify Certain Provisions Relating to the Assessment and Payment of Fees

The NASD, through its wholly owned subsidiary, NASD Dispute Resolution, Inc., has filed with the SEC a proposed rule change to amend the Code of Arbitration Procedure ("Code") to simplify or clarify several fee-related provisions of the Code.

DateTitleFormat - SizeStatus
7/25/2001Approval OrderPDF - 38.36 KB
3/21/2001Text of proposed rule changePDF - 29.96 KB
4/19/2001Amendment No. 1 to Proposed Rule ChangePDF - 4.3 KB
4/30/2001Federal Register NoticePDF - 44.36 KB
7/16/2001Response to Comment and Amendment No. 2 to proposed rule changePDF - 5.67 KB