Proposed Amendments to TRACE Rule 6250 and Related TRACE Rules to Disseminate Transaction Information on All TRACE-Eligible Securities and Facilitate Dissemination

NASD has filed with the SEC a proposed rule change to amend: (1) Rule 6210 to amend two defined terms and add a new defined term; (2) Rule 6250 to expand dissemination to include all TRACE-eligible securities and to delete provisions regarding market aggregate and last sale data and the treatment of certain transaction reports; and (3) Rule 6260 to amend the notification provisions to require information needed to implement various dissemination schedules, and to make certain minor, technical changes. Rule 6210, Rule 6250 and Rule 6260 are part of the Transaction Reporting and Compliance Engine rules ("TRACE Rules"). NASD is also proposing that the amendments to Rule 6250 be implemented in two stages, and that not later than nine months after the implementation of the second stage, NASD review and consider the effects of the amendments to Rule 6250 on the trading of TRACE-eligible securities, and review the dissemination provisions then in effect.

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