Proposed Rule Change to Make Conforming Changes to the Rules Relating to the NASD/NSX TRF, NASD/BSE TRF and NASD/NYSE TRF Consistent with the New Requirements of Regulation NMS

NASD is filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC" or "Commission") a proposed rule change proposing (1) amendments to the transaction reporting rules relating to the NASD/NSX Trade Reporting Facility (the "NASD/NSX TRF"), the NASD/BSE Trade Reporting Facility (the "NASD/BSE TRF") and the NASD/NYSE Trade Reporting Facility (the "NASD/NYSE TRF") (collectively referred to herein as the "Subject TRFs") consistent with the new requirements of Regulation NMS under the Act, and (2) technical amendments to conform, to the extent practicable, the reporting rules of the Subject TRFs to the reporting rules of the NASD/Nasdaq Trade Reporting Facility (the "NASD/Nasdaq TRF") and NASD's Alternative Display Facility (the "ADF").

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