Rulemaking Items for Discussion at the July 2016 Meeting

The FINRA Board of Governors will consider the following rulemaking items at its July 2016 meeting. After the meeting, FINRA will notify firms via email about the Board’s action and anticipated next steps, if any.

Alternative Display Facility

The Board will consider proposed amendments relating to the use of FINRA’s Alternative Display Facility by member firms for trade reporting purposes.

Desk Research Exemption From Debt and Equity Research Rules

The Board will consider proposed amendments to FINRA Rules 2241 and 2242 (Equity / Debt Research Analysts and Research Reports) to provide a limited safe harbor for desk commentary.

Expansion of TRACE to U.S. Treasury Securities

The Board will consider proposed amendments to the TRACE Rules to require FINRA member firms to report transactions in U.S. Treasury securities to TRACE. Under the proposed amendments, this information would be for audit trail purposes and would not be publicly disseminated.