Selecting Your Firm's Report Center Account Administrators

Each member firm must designate a primary Report Center Account Administrator and at least one alternate Account Administrator using the Report Center Entitlements Form. 

Account Administrators serve as the "communication link" between the firm and FINRA on any matters related to Report Center entitlement. They perform administrative activities for the firm relating to the Report Center application, including unlocking accounts, resetting passwords that have been forgotten, giving users entitlement to Report Center privileges, creating and disabling users, etc.

 When selecting an Report Center Account Administrator, a firm should consider individuals who will be easily accessible to Report Center users.  This is because Report Center users typically contact their Account Administrators for any entitlement-related issues or questions.  An Account Administrator may be someone who will use the Report Center application or someone who may already be an Account Administrator for another application (e.g., Web CRD, Regulation Filing Applications). The Report Center covers a wide range of compliance areas; therefore the best choice for an Account Administrator may not be someone who concentrates solely on one of the topics covered (e.g., an individual who concentrates solely on fixed income might not be the ideal choice since the Report Center contains CRD information as well).

For questions or help, contact the FINRA Call Center at (301) 869-6699.