Disaster Recovery Site

This policy outlines the reporting responsibilities with regard to interrogation Devices, including but not limited to terminals that are permissioned for receipt of real-time TRACE Information and Data in a Disaster Recovery Site.

  • DURING NON-EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: All Devices, including those located in a Disaster Recovery site, which have been permissioned for real-time TRACE Data or which are in fact receiving real-time TRACE Data, must be reported to FINRA in the monthly usage reporting in accordance with the Vendor Agreement.

  • DURING AN EMERGENCY SITUATION: Devices located at Disaster Recovery Sites that are capable of accessing Real-Time information are liable for standard fees as soon as they are activated by a Vendor during a state of Emergency, however Vendor will NOT be liable for "double" fees associated with Devices (those at the primary site(s) where business normally is conducted and any Disaster Recovery Site), as long as the total number of Devices in use at the Disaster Recovery Site (and primary site(s) if applicable) do not exceed the total number of Devices Vendor had permissioned prior to the emergency situation.

    Pre-authorization for activating any Device at the Disaster Recovery Site is not required. However, Vendor must notify FINRA within three (3) business days of such activation. If the state of Emergency persists for longer than ten (10) business days, Vendor must re-contact FINRA for further instructions.