FINRA TRACE Member Test Script, Version 1.5

The following test script should be completed by all FINRA member firms that will be submitting TRACE trade reports directly to FINRA. If your firm will be using a service bureau to report, or having your clearing firm report on your behalf, you must instead make sure that your service bureau/clearing firm has successfully completed the test. Firms performing the test should submit their completed results to FINRA using the form at the back of this script. Please follow the instructions on the form.

Questions regarding the completion of this script should be directed via e-mail.

Note: Firms that have already successfully tested and have been submitting reports to TRACE do not need to retest. This updated script is for the benefit of firms testing for the first time or that are testing new systems. The tests themselves have not changed; only some of the test bonds and the prices have been updated.

Note: Only the prices for Tests #4 and #17 have been changed from Version 1.4, due to market movement.

View TRACE Member Test Script, Version 1.5 (PDF file 137 KB)