Technical Notice

FINRA Will Begin Disseminating MBS Specified Pool Transactions and SBA-Backed ABS July 22, 2013

March 19, 2013

On Monday, July 22, 2013, FINRA will enhance the Securitized Products Dissemination ServiceSM (SPDSSM) by including the dissemination of transactions in agency pass-through mortgage-backed securities that are traded as MBS specified pool transactions and SBA-backed ABS that are traded either as specified pool transactions or TBA. These transactions will be disseminated via the current SPDS IP Multicast channel. In addition, FINRA will modify the reference data it publishes to include specific information related to MBS and SBA-backed specified pool securities.

Firms that currently subscribe to SPDS will be subject to dissemination protocol changes effective on July 22, 2013. However, there will be no contractual or fee changes for those already subscribing to SPDS. FINRA will publish a separate technical notice outlining the changes and the updated technical specifications for both the SPDS feed and the SP Web API.

Firms that currently subscribe to BTDS and/or ATDS that are also interested in subscribing to SPDS will be required to update schedule B of their existing vendor agreement. Please email TRACE Data Services or call (888) 507-3665 for assistance.