Technical Notice

TRACE MBS Dissemination Issue

July 8, 2019

For July 8, 2019, transactions disseminated for the below listed 57 Freddie Mac-issued mortgage-backed securities traded in specified pool transactions (MBS transactions) do not reflect the most recent reference data element updates provided by Freddie Mac on Saturday, July 6 2019. Consequently, the dissemination ID (RDID) used for MBS transactions in the below listed securities reflect reference data information as of July 5, 2019, as currently in the TRACE Issue Master. The updated reference data for these CUSIPs will be processed at the end of the day July 8, 2019, and be reflected by opening tomorrow, July 9, 2019.

Security Name TRACE Symbol
FHLSB8000 FMCC4817518
FHLSB8001 FMCC4817524
FHLSD8000 FMCC4817533
FHLSD8001 FMCC4817543
FHLSD8002 FMCC4817557
FHLSD8003 FMCC4817513
FHLSB8004 FMCC4840495
FHLSB8005 FMCC4840476
FHLSD8008 FMCC4842919
FHLSC0000 FMCC4843402
FHLSD0004 FMCC4843401
FHLSD8009 FMCC4843375
FHLSB0009 FMCC4845572
FHLSB0010 FMCC4845573
FHLSB0011 FMCC4845574
FHLSF6000 FMCC4846673
FHLSB0012 FMCC4847539
FHLSB0013 FMCC4847532
FHLSB0014 FMCC4847541
FHLSB0015 FMCC4847535
FHLSC0001 FMCC4847538
FHLSB0016 FMCC4847974
FHLSC0002 FMCC4849029
FHLSD7500 FMCC4849003
FHLSD7501 FMCC4848998
FHLSB0017 FMCC4853160
FHLSB0018 FMCC4853122
FHLSB0019 FMCC4853140
FHLSD0005 FMCC4853129
FHLSA0000 FMCC4853267
FHLSA0001 FMCC4853236
FHLSA0002 FMCC4853264
FHLSA0003 FMCC4853242
FHLSB0020 FMCC4853221
FHLSB0021 FMCC4853229
FHLSB0022 FMCC4853261
FHLSB0023 FMCC4853225
FHLSB0024 FMCC4853253
FHLSB0025 FMCC4853230
FHLSB0026 FMCC4853271
FHLSB0027 FMCC4853275
FHLSB0028 FMCC4853226
FHLSB0029 FMCC4853248
FHLSC0003 FMCC4853251
FHLSC0004 FMCC4853218
FHLSD0006 FMCC4853272
FHLSD0007 FMCC4853222
FHLSD0008 FMCC4853269
FHLSD0009 FMCC4853216
FHLSD0010 FMCC4853259
FHLSD0011 FMCC4853257
FHLSD0012 FMCC4853270
FHLSD0013 FMCC4853217
FHLSD0014 FMCC4853254
FHLSD0015 FMCC4853227
FHLSD0016 FMCC4853265
FHLSD0017 FMCC4854099

Please contact TRACE Data Services via email, or via telephone at (888) 507-3665 if there are questions regarding this notice.