Technical Notice

Updated TRACE Vendor and Subscriber Agreements (8/15/12)

August 15, 2012

As per our earlier notice, on Monday, November 5, 2012, FINRA will launch the Securitized Products Dissemination Service (SPDS). Similar to the Bond Trade Dissemination Service (BTDS) and Agency Debt Trade Dissemination Service (ATDS) data feeds for corporate and agency debt, SPDS will disseminate real-time last sale data and transactions of TRACE-eligible securities that are agency pass-through mortgage-backed securities traded to be announced (TBA) via an IP Multicast channel.

In preparation for the new feed, FINRA has updated its TRACE Vendor and Subscriber agreements to include SPDS. Firms that currently subscribe to BTDS and/or ATDS and that are also interested in subscribing to SPDS must complete and execute a new Attachment B. New firms must complete the vendor agreement and submit it to TRACE Data Services.

Note: FINRA will disseminate other securitized products transactions (e.g., MBS, ABS) at a future date and will notify data subscribers of new product offerings. Please contact TRACE Data Services group at (888) 507-3665 if you have questions or for more information.