How to Subscribe to Web EFT

The following forms are to be completed by FINRA Member Firms (BD or BD/IA Firms) and Non-Member Firms planning to participate in the Web Electronic Filing Transfer (EFT) Program. The Entitlement Process Letter provides details of the Web EFT Entitlement process, including setting up a Web EFT Firm User Account. The completed forms must be submitted to FINRA by regular mail or by overnight service to the applicable address listed on the forms.

Please Note: Do not send payment with the Entitlement Forms. Initial billing information for Web EFT is provided below.

  • FINRA Member Firms:
  • Non-Member Firms:

FINRA Processing Time
Please allow approximately two business days from receipt of non-deficient Entitlement Forms for processing.

FINRA Entitlement Confirmation Packet
Once FINRA processes your firm's Entitlement Forms, FINRA will contact each Business and Technical Contact with the Firm's User Name and Initial Password and will send each contact a confirmation email with the "Test" URL and information.

Required Web EFT Test – Test Environment
There is technical preparation required by those firms wanting to subscribe to the Web EFT System. For this reason, all firms will be required to test access to Web EFT in a Test Environment before accessing the Web EFT Production "Live" System. The first password your firm receives upon submitting the Web EFT Entitlement Forms (UAAF and Participant Agreement/Terms and Conditions) will enable your firm access to the Test Environment.

The Test Environment has full Web EFT functionality; however, it is important for you to be aware and remember that the data is "test" only. Upon access to the Test Environment, your User ID will enable you to fully exercise the functionality that you selected on the Web EFT UAAF.

Web EFT Production "Live" Environment
Once your firm has successfully completed its Web EFT testing, contact the FINRA Gateway Call Center to request production access. Your firm will then be issued the production URL and a new password that enables access to the Production Environment. No new Entitlement Forms are required to receive your production password. Each Web EFT Contact Person will be notified, via a phone call, with the Firm's User Name and Initial Password. FINRA will send each contact an email with the Web EFT Production "Live" URL and Confirmation Packet information.

Web EFT Billing
Your firm will initially be assessed Web EFT fees applicable to the service your firm selects on the UAAF. These fees will automatically be deducted for the entire year through your firm's anniversary subscription date See the Subscription Services and Fees page for additional details regarding Web EFT subscription services and fees. The initial Web EFT service fees will be deducted after a password to the Web EFT Production Environment has been created for your firm. Subsequent Web EFT service fees will be deducted automatically from your firm's Flex Funding Account on your firm's anniversary subscription date.

Fund Your FINRA Flex-Funding Account (Web CRD/IARD Daily Account)
Your firm will need to ensure that adequate funds are in your FINRA Flex Funding Account (Web CRD/IARD Daily Account) to cover the associated fees for the Web EFT services your firm requests (service options are initially identified on the Web EFT UAAF and updated on the Web EFT Service Option Change Request Form). See detailed information on payment methods and addresses for funding your Flex-Funding Account (Web CRD/IARD Daily Account).

Questions regarding the Web EFT Entitlement Forms or process should be directed to the Gateway Call Center at (301) 869-6699.