Web EFT Subscription Services & Fees

Firms interested in participating in the Web EFT Program may subscribe to one or both of the following services:

Web EFT fees are assessed annually and depend on the type of subscription service the firm selects:

Type of Subscription Service Per Year
Form Filing Fee $3,600
Data Download Fee $1,800
Both Form Filing & Data Download Fee $4,800

Firms are assessed subscription fees yearly on their Web EFT anniversary subscription date (month/year) and the amount is automatically deducted from the firm's Flex Funding Account. Firms should ensure that sufficient funds are on deposit to cover Web EFT fees. See detailed information on payment methods and addresses.

Changing or Canceling Service
Firms may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their Web EFT service options at any time throughout the year by completing the Web EFT FINRA Entitlement Form. Firms may upgrade their service by paying a pro-rated monthly fee that is based on the number of months remaining before the firm's next subscription renewal. The fee will be deducted from the firm's Flex Funding Account at the time the service option change is processed. Firms are not billed monthly.

When firms downgrade their Web EFT service options, the fee associated with the reduced service option will automatically be deducted on the firm's anniversary subscription date. Refunds are not issued for reduced service options in a firm's current subscription year.

Firms may cancel their Web EFT service(s) at any time throughout the year, but will be charged for the requested services for the entire year through the firm's anniversary date.