News Release

NASD Names New Senior Officials

Washington, D.C.--The National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., (NASD) today announced four senior-level staff appointments at the NASD and NASD Regulation, Inc., (NASDR) the newly-created independent operating subsidiary responsible for regulating the broker/dealer profession. They are:

  • Grant Callery was elected Senior Vice President of the NASD parent company and its General Counsel. Callery has served as Vice President and General Counsel of the consolidated NASD since 1993.
  • James R. Allen was elected Senior Vice President and Treasurer for the NASD parent company. Previously, Allen served as Vice President and Treasurer for the consolidated NASD organization for six years.
  • Dean Furbush, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist for The Nasdaq Stock Market will move up to the NASD parent company and assume the additional responsibility for strategic planning and research.
  • Alden Adkins, currently the NASD's Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research, will become Vice President and General Counsel for NASD Regulation.

"These key appointments strengthen our already outstanding team," said Joseph R. Hardiman, NASD President and Chief Executive Officer. "As the NASD parent, NASD Regulation, and Nasdaq continue to expand, Grant, Jim, Dean, and Alden will play meaningful roles in guiding our growth."

Mary L. Schapiro, President of NASD Regulation said, "I worked with Alden Adkins at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and I'm delighted to be able to work closely with him again. I have great respect for the talent and regulatory experience he brings to NASD Regulation. Alden's decade of experience as an attorney at the SEC, as well as his years of experience at the NASD, will help strengthen our mission to protect investors."

In addition to his management responsibilities, Callery will also advise the NASD Board of Governors on significant legal and regulatory policy issues. Callery received his J.D. degree from Georgetown University Law School and his B.A. from Marietta College.

Allen has been with the NASD for the last 13 years, first joining the company as Controller. Since then he has taken on increasingly senior roles, including directing and overseeing the NASD's Finance Department and its Administrative Services function. Prior to joining the NASD, Allen spent nearly a dozen years with Big Six accounting firms. Allen in a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington and Lee University.

Furbush who joined Nasdaq last June, will continue as Senior Vice President and Chief Economist as he moves over to the NASD parent company. A former staff member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers and an economist at the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Furbush will be responsible for coordinating strategic planning for the NASD, NASD Regulation, and Nasdaq. He has a Ph.D in economics from the University of Maryland.

Prior to joining the NASD in 1989, Adkins served as staff attorney and branch chief in the SEC Office of Self-Regulatory Oversight, specializing in the regulation of stock and options exchanges. He also served as special Counsel to the Chairman of the SEC for two years. He established and served as the first head of the SEC Office of Automation and International Markets in the Division of Market Regulation. Adkins earned his law degree from the Washington College of Law of the American University with honors and his B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University.