News Release

NASD Creates Small Firm Advisory Board

Washington, D.C.—The National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD®), today announced the establishment of a Small Firm Advisory Board comprised of representatives from NASD member firms with 150 or fewer registered representatives. This advisory board will increase representation of the views of small broker/dealers in discussions and decisions reached by the NASD Board of Governors.

The 12 members of the new board include:

  • Carl P. Sherr, Chairman, Carl P. Sherr & Co., Worcester, MA
  • Richard C. Romano, Vice Chairman, Romano Brothers and Company, Evanston, IL
  • Christopher M. Block, Block Trading, Inc., Houston, TX
  • Bill R. Carty, Carty & Co., Inc., Memphis, TN
  • J. Wendell Garrett, J.W. Garrett & Co., Inc., Phoenix, AZ '
  • David W. Hunter, Hunter Associates, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
  • Glenn R. Oxner, Edgar M. Norris & Co., Inc., Greenville, SC
  • Anthony Petrelli, Neidiger, Tucker & Bruner, Inc., Denver, CO
  • Patrick C. Ryan, Ryan, Lee & Co., Inc., McLean, VA
  • Joan B. Seidel, Morton Seidel & Co., Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  • James J. Titak, Thurston, Springer, Miller, Herd & Titak, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

As part of our effort to include a broader range of industry and investor representatives on all of our committees and advisory groups, we are creating this Small Firm Advisory Board to focus on issues of particular concern to smaller member firms," said Frank G. Zarb, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. "Their expertise will serve industry and investors well."

Members of the board were selected based upon recommendations from the District Advisory Council and response to a letter to NASD members.

The National Association of Securities Dealers is the largest securities-industry self-regulatory organization in the United States. Through its subsidiaries, NASD Regulation, Inc., and The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc., the NASD develops rules and regulations, provides a dispute resolution forum, conducts regulatory reviews of members activities and designs, operates and regulates securities markets all for the benefit and protection of the investor.