News Release

NASD Board Continues Progress Toward Recapitalization of The Nasdaq Stock Market

New York, NY—The National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD®), announced that its Board of Governors met today and continued its consideration of restructuring The Nasdaq Stock Market® .

NASD Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Frank G. Zarb said, "Today’s meeting was another step in a year-long process that we have undertaken to ‘reinvent’ Nasdaq® . As we have emphasized all along, we have not set a rigid time schedule. We’ll discuss this issue as long as it takes to thoughtfully and thoroughly develop the ideas that work best to make Nasdaq stronger for the benefit of investors, issuers, and members."

Zarb continued, "We have been working with our members and market participants to define the most workable structure. We expect to present a definitive proposal for consideration to both our board-level Review Committee and, ultimately, the NASD Board sometime in the next few months. Again, this is a very deliberative process. We have no plan to announce or discuss the specifics of any transaction until our work is complete and it has been considered and approved by the Review Committee and the NASD Board of Governors."

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