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NASD Launches Analyst Disclosure Investor Education Initiative

Washington, DC— The National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD®) has launched an investor education effort aimed at helping investors understand research and recommendations made by equity analysts. The NASD has prepared a Guide to Understanding Securities Analyst Recommendations and an accompanying Glossary of Analyst Research Terms. The Guide explains what analysts do and the role that they can play in making an informed investment decision. The Guide and Glossary can be found at www‌

Analysts play an important role in capital markets. But investors need to educate themselves about the role of analysts. In today's fast-changing investment climate, it is often hard for investors to know where to turn for objective guidance about industry trends and issues that may affect their interests. Analyst recommendations are just such an issue. Strengthening that understanding is the purpose of this Guide.

The Guide covers two basic types of issues. The first stems from the fact that analysts' ratings today do not have clear, standardized meanings. The second relates to the potential conflicts of interest that an investor should be aware of in assessing the usefulness of any particular analyst recommendation.

In addition, a Glossary of Analyst Research Terms is also available to help investors better understand many of the investment terms found in analyst research reports about stocks, bonds, and other investments.

"In preparing this Guide, we hope to assist both current and potential investors in successfully navigating through the large amount of financial information that is available today. Analysts can be a source of valuable information, but only if their role in the financial community is well understood," said Mary L. Schapiro, President of NASD Regulation, Inc.

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