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NASD Increases Online Training For Arbitrators

Washington, D.C.—NASD Dispute Resolution has introduced Your Duty To Disclose, the first in a series of new online courses developed as part of its comprehensive Arbitrator Training Program. Three additional courses — Discovery - Abuse & Sanctions, Expungement and Managing Hearings — are in the works for online release this year, with more installments in development for 2005.

The courses are (1) subject specific, (2) can be completed in 60 to 90 minutes, and (3) are economical. The courses are the foundation of an arbitrator training certificate program being developed that gives arbitrators the opportunity to earn bronze, silver and gold training certificates, depending on the number of voluntary courses they elect to take. Completion of the online course does not replace NASD Dispute Resolution's mandatory basic training program for arbitrators. Last year, NASD-Dispute Resolution introduced its online chairperson training program. These modules supplement the panel and chair training courses.

Your Duty To Disclose will give arbitrators a full understanding of continuing disclosure requirements for arbitrators, the importance of arbitrator disclosure to the neutrality of the dispute resolution process, and the correct procedures for making necessary disclosures.

NASD-Dispute Resolution is committed to the further education and training of its roster of arbitrators.

NASD will include successful completion of courses on arbitrator biographical information that is provided to parties. The cost of the online course - which is available to members of NASD's roster of neutrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week - is $25. To access the course, go to NASD Dispute Resolution's Web Site, and look for the Online Arbitrator Training button.

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