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Kidz Online Awarded $340,294 Grant by NASD Foundation for Financial Literacy Web Show

Herndon, Virginia, December 22, 2005 - Kidz Online, along with the NASD Investor Education Foundation, announced today that it has received a $340,294 grant to produce an interactive financial literacy Web show comprised of ten educational episodes geared towards high school students.

Building on Kidz Online's proven history of producing and distributing engaging and educational distance learning programming, these videos will teach teens and young adults how to manage their money, as well as aiding them in becoming knowledgeable about stocks, bonds and mutual funds and how to invest.  In addition to providing sound financial information and education, each episode will also highlight advice from successful individuals in various industries who started investing when they were young. Combined with humorous man-on-the-street interviews that will demonstrate to America's youth how uninformed their peers are, each episode will appeal to this demographic with a unique, entertaining yet informative approach to financial literacy.

"During the past decade, television programming has become flashier, video games have become more captivating, and the attention span of today's MTV generation has shortened," said Phil Cruver, President of Kidz Online. "Thanks to the generous grant from the NASD Investor Education Foundation, this program will be produced in a style and tone that this audience understands and to which they can relate."

"It is difficult to get young adults to focus on the importance of managing their money and investing for the future, when there are so many other competing influences in their lives," said Robert R. Glauber, Chairman of the NASD Investor Education Foundation. "By funding an original video series online that explains the fundamentals of investing and where to go for unbiased information, we hope to reach the next generation of investors."

The videos will be hosted online by Kidz Online and offered free to the public on its Web site, which receives over 22,000,000 hits a month from approximately 363,000 visitors.  Over the past decade, Kidz Online has developed a robust distribution network within the education community. Its content has been used by educators in over 22,000 K-12 schools and there are currently over 43,000 registered Kidz Online users.  Additional distribution plans include integration of the program into middle and high schools across the nation and onto ITV programming on PBS.  Kidz Online also is planning to leverage its partnership with the Google AdWords program so that anyone searching for "financial literacy" will be linked to this program.

About Kidz Online

Kidz Online is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit digital educational production and distribution company with a proven track record of success over the past 10 years for infusing seemingly boring topics such as technology and career training with excitement. It has pioneered peer-to-peer online training with an attempt to blur the line between education and entertainment.  This successful formula has resulted in the production of over 500 interactive educational videos that have taught 21st century skills to students and teachers across the globe. Visit for more information.

About the NASD Investor Education Foundation
The NASD Investor Education Foundation, established in 2003, supports innovative research and educational projects that give investors the tools they need to better understand the markets and the basic principles of financial planning.  The Foundation has awarded over $2.4 million in total to organizations for educational programs and research projects targeting the underserved segments of the population. For details about grant programs and other new initiatives of the Foundation, visit