News Release

NASD DR Proposes Restricting Subpoena Power to Arbitrators

Washington, DC — In an effort to protect investors and other parties from abuse in the subpoena process and to maintain a uniform rule nationwide, NASD Dispute Resolution announced that it has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed revisions to the Code of Arbitration Procedure which would permit only arbitrators to issue subpoenas.

The original rule proposal gave both arbitrators and counsel in proceedings subpoena powers in an arbitration forum. The rule proposal was amended to address potential issues regarding the scope of subpoenas issued by attorneys who were legally authorized to do so in a few states.

"Under NASD's national program, it can be cumbersome to maintain different rules for different states," said NASD DR President Linda Fienberg. "We believe that providing arbitrators with greater control over the issuance of subpoenas will reduce the confusion for parties and their counsel regarding whether they have the ability to issue subpoenas, minimize gamesmanship in the subpoena process, and foster greater efficiency and consistency in administering the rule. This proposal is one more step in ensuring that the process is transparent to all parties, especially investors."

NASD also proposed clarifying the requirements regarding the service of subpoenas, by specifying that, after the arbitrators issue a subpoena, the party that requested it must serve a copy of the subpoena on all parties and the entity receiving the subpoena in the exact same manner and on the same day. Additionally, the new rule would require parties that receive documents in response to non-party subpoenas to make the documents available to all other parties upon request. 

NASD filed the original rule proposal on June 17, 2005, and the SEC published it for public comment on July 6, 2005. Based on comments received, NASD filed these latest proposed revisions to the rule.  The proposal is subject to approval by the SEC.

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