News Release

NASD Sells Remaining Shares of NASDAQ Common Stock

Washington, D.C. — NASD announced today that it has achieved its goal of full divestiture of ownership in NASDAQ common stock, with the sale of its remaining 255,285 shares on July 11, 2006.

Tuesday's transaction was the last in a series of transactions that began in 2001 to end NASD's ownership of NASDAQ, and allow NASD to operate as an independent regulatory organization. Final legal separation of the two organizations will be complete when NASDAQ becomes a fully operational national securities exchange, as approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in January 2006. NASDAQ is in the final stages of becoming a fully operational exchange.

"While NASDAQ and NASD have functioned separately for several years, we are pleased that the last vestiges of financial ownership are now gone, and the last remaining legal ties will be dissolved very soon," said NASD Chairman and CEO Robert R. Glauber, who initiated NASD's divestiture of NASDAQ and the American Stock Exchange, which was completed in December 2004.

This final sale was of shares underlying warrants that expired unexercised last month.

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