News Release

Statement From FINRA Chairman and CEO Richard G. Ketchum on the Report of the Special Review Committee of the FINRA Board of Governors

Today's report by a Special Review Committee of the FINRA Board of Governors is one of a number of significant initiatives undertaken by FINRA in the wake of the Madoff and Stanford scandals to better understand and correct shortcomings in our examination program. As regulators, we owe it to investors — especially those harmed by recent scandals — to develop a better, more comprehensive response to fraud, and I am committed to taking the lessons from the report's findings to make FINRA even stronger.

As the findings have concluded, a number of key points are apparent. First, FINRA must institute a number of internal reforms to better safeguard investors and the broader financial system. Second, the report calls attention to the many regulatory challenges related to jurisdictional issues and product definitions. Finally, the review points to the urgent need for financial regulatory reform that ensures comprehensive oversight, reduces jurisdictional confusion, streamlines enforcement and improves coordination and communication among all regulators.

FINRA has already taken many steps to improve its examination and fraud detection capabilities since these scandals happened. One major initiative FINRA is announcing today is the creation of a new Office of Fraud Detection and Market Intelligence. This office will provide rapid response to fraud by a staff with expertise in fraud detection and investigation.