FINRA Executives

Richard G. Ketchum Richard G. Ketchum
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Gregory Ahem Gregory Ahern
Executive Vice President for Corporate Communications and Government Relations
Thomas Gira Thomas Gira
Executive Vice President, Market Regulation
Marcia E. Asquith Marcia E. Asquith
Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary
Steven A. Joachim Steven A. Joachim
Executive Vice President, Transparency Services
Susan Axelrod Susan F. Axelrod
Executive Vice President, Regulatory Operations
Tracy Johnson Tracy Johnson
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
J. Bradley Bennett J. Bradley Bennett
Executive Vice President, Enforcement
Steven J. Randich Steven J. Randich
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Robert Colby Robert Colby
Chief Legal Officer
Michael Rufino Michael Rufino
Executive Vice President, Head of FINRA Member Regulation—Sales Practice
Carlo V. di Florio Carlo V. di Florio
Chief Risk Officer & Head of Strategy
Thomas M. Selman Thomas M. Selman
Executive Vice President, Regulatory Policy
Todd Diganci Todd T. Diganci
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Jonathan S. Sokobin Jonathan S. Sokobin
Chief Economist and Senior Vice President
Linda D. Fienberg Linda D. Fienberg
President, FINRA Dispute Resolution, and Chief Hearing Officer
Gerri Walsh Gerri Walsh
President, FINRA Investor Education Foundation
Senior Vice President, FINRA Investor Education
Cameron Funkhouser Cameron Funkhouser
Executive Vice President, Office of Fraud Detection and Market Intelligence
Bill Wollman Bill Wollman
Executive Vice President, Member Regulation—Risk Oversight and Operational Regulation (ROOR)


    Last Updated: 1/1/2014