OTCBB Glossary - H

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FINRA will review and evaluate available information to determine whether a trading and quotation halt in an OTC Equity Security is appropriate under the terms of FINRA Rule 6440 (Trading and Quotation Halts in OTC Equity Securities).


In addition to the authority granted by FINRA Rule 6440, FINRA will suspend trading in an OTC Equity Security in conjunction with an SEC-initiated trading suspension.


FINRA Rule 5260 (Prohibition on Transactions, Publication of Quotations, or Publication of Indications of Interest During Trading Halts) sets forth the prohibition on a member directly or indirectly, effecting any transaction or publishing a quotation, a priced bid and/or offer, an unpriced indication of interest (including "bid wanted" and "offer wanted" and name only indications), or a bid or offer accompanied by a modifier to reflect unsolicited customer interest, in any security as to which a trading halt is currently in effect.