How to Request FINRA ADDS Standard Access

Standard access to the FINRA ADDS website is available to firm users free of charge.


Standard access is administered via the FINRA Entitlement Program—a secure way for firms to access many of FINRA's Web-based systems (e.g., Firm Gateway, WebCRD and Report Center) with a single user ID and password.


To access the FINRA ADDS website, users need the following:

  • a FINRA entitlement program user ID and password;
  • one or more TRACE MPID(s) for TRACE Trade Journals and/or Equity MPID(s) for ADF Trade Journals (see the FINRA Information section of your user account in the FINRA Entitlement System); and
  • access to the appropriate Trade Journals privilege (TRACE Trade Journals and/or ADF Trade Journals) under FINRA Data Delivery in the FINRA Entitlement System.


Your firm's Super Account Administrator (SAA) can grant you access to the FINRA ADDS website. Contact your firm's SAA for assistance. If you do not know who serves as your firm's SAA, log into the FINRA Firm Gateway, click on My Account and view the information on the Applications & Administrators tab, or call the FINRA Gateway Call Center at (800) 321-6273.


SAAs who need assistance modifying users' accounts can access a Quick Reference Guide and other resources at


Please contact FINRA ADDS with any questions.


How to Request Data Delivery Plus and Data Delivery SFTP Access


FINRA ADDS Optional Services Request Form for TRACE (PDF 273 KB)
FINRA ADDS Optional Services Request Form for ADF  (PDF 278 KB)


Data Delivery Plus

TRACE Data Delivery Plus access to FINRA ADDS allows users the ability to request and download transaction data for dates prior to the most recent 30 calendar days, and ADF Data Delivery Plus allows users to request data for dates older than 3 business days, for any date within the prior two years. Users can also subscribe to have their files made available on the website each day automatically, removing the need to request each day's files.


Enrollment in the Data Delivery Plus services is optional, and requires the firm to submit the applicable FINRA ADDS Optional Services Request Form.


Upon receipt of the Request Form, FINRA will enroll the submitted MPID(s) in Data Delivery Plus and grant the firm's Super Account Administrator (SAA) administrator rights to the Data Delivery Plus entitlement privilege. The SAA may then give the Data Delivery Plus privilege to any users at the firm who need access to the data. Users with Data Delivery Plus access must also have at least one of the enrolled MPIDs on their accounts to use the Data Delivery Plus privilege.


Data Delivery SFTP

TRACE Data Delivery SFTP and ADF Data Delivery SFTP enable firms to establish an automated interface to retrieve their data via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).


Enrollment in the Data Delivery SFTP services is optional, and requires the firm to submit the pertinent FINRA ADDS Optional Services Request Form to establish a dedicated FTP user account.


The FTP user account will only be able to access data made available for SFTP access; the FTP user will not be able to log into Since FTP users are intended for automated access, their passwords are not required to be reset every 120 days as is the case with non-FTP firm user account passwords.


Upon receipt of the Request Form, FINRA will enroll the submitted MPID(s) in Data Delivery SFTP, create an FTP user account for the firm, and contact the submitter with the information regarding the new account. At that point, FINRA will be able to establish SFTP access for the firm.


Please see the SFTP Set-Up Process section of the FINRA ADDS User Guide for instructions on setting your firm up to receive data via SFTP.


Note: Firms that enroll in optional services are assessed a monthly fee for each MPID enrolled in each service. Firms that enroll in one or more SFTP services will also incur a set-up fee for each MPID and facility (i.e., ADF and/or TRACE). FINRA will assess TRACE fees in the firm's monthly TRACE bill, whereas ADF fees will be assessed in an ADF bill.


While Data Delivery Plus fees are assessed per MPID, rather than per user, fees are based on the number of "Plus" reports (transaction and/or reject files for dates older than the most recent 30 days) users receive during the month.


Fee information is available at