TRACE News Release Archive

1/8/13   2012: FINRA Year in Review
11/13/12   FINRA Increases Transparency in the TBA Market for Agency Pass-Through Mortgage-Backed Securities
10/18/11   FINRA Launches New Securitized Product Tables
10/1/09   FINRA Proposes Expanding TRACE Reporting to Asset-Backed Securities
2/7/05   NASD's Fully Implemented "TRACE" Brings Unprecedented Transparency to Corporate Bond Market
4/22/04   NASD Proposes Increasing Sale Data On Corporate Bonds For Dissemination To Public Through TRACE
4/14/03   NASD Adds Sale Data of 120 "Triple-B-Rated" Corporate Bonds for Dissemination to Public
2/28/03   SEC Approves NASD Plan to Significantly Increase Corporate Bond Sale Data Dissemination
11/21/02   NASD Board Approves Increase in Corporate Bonds Disseminated by NASD
7/1/02   NASD Launches TRACE Bond Trade Data System
11/28/01   NASD Announces New TRACE Implementation Date