FINRA Member Firms: Find and Purchase E-Learning Courses and Library Subscriptions

FINRA's e-learning library and individual courses can be used for Firm Element, anti-money laundering or other training on specific compliance topics. FINRA firms receive a substantial discount on e-learning purchases compared to non-FINRA firms.


Featured Course: Supervision: FINRA Rules 3110, 3120, 3150 and 3170

To purchase this course, search for "Supervision" in the FINRA Member catalog.


Find and Purchase Courses for an Individual Employee

  • E-Learning Library
    Access to ALL courses for a whole year is just $45
    Select the "Library" in the FINRA Member catalog to purchase a subscription.
  • Individual Course
    Individual courses are just $12.50
    Access the FINRA Member catalog to find and purchase courses


Find and Purchase Courses or Library Subscriptions for Multiple Employees

Purchase courses or library subscriptions — which include access to all of FINRA's e-learning courses — for three or more employees and receive a complimentary login for a designated training manager at your firm in order to assign courses, track course progress and completion, assign deadlines, run reports and more. Make a group purchase.



Note: Use of FINRA's e-learning courses does not guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements or create a safe harbor from regulatory responsibilities.