Proceeding Number 20080127674 & 20080133768

Hearing Panel Decision in Department of Enforcement v. Angelo Xagoraris

March 15, 2013

For making unsuitable recommendations to two customers, in violation of NASD Rules 2310 and 2110, Respondent is barred from associating with any FINRA member firm in any capacity. Respondent is also barred for engaging in an outside business activity without providing prompt written notice to his firm, and making misrepresentations to his member firm, in violation of NASD Rules 3030 and 2110. One member of the Hearing Panel dissents from the sanctions imposed by the majority. The dissenting panelist would suspend Respondent for three months and require him to requalify before acting in any capacity requiring qualification. Respondent is ordered to pay costs.


This decision has been appealed.

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