Advertising-Related Investor Alerts

529 Plans

11/7/06   College Savings Plans—School Yourself Before You Invest

Annuities and Insurance

7/30/09   Seniors Beware: What You Should Know About Life Settlements
4/22/08   Equity-Indexed Annuities—A Complex Choice
3/2/06   Should You Exchange Your Variable Annuity?
5/27/03   Variable Annuities: Beyond the Hard Sell
9/23/02   Should You Exchange Your Life Insurance Policy?


2/14/13   Duration—What an Interest Rate Hike Could Do to Your Bond Portfolio
6/2/11   Structured Notes With Principal Protection: Note the Terms of Your Investment
4/30/08   Auction Rate Securities: What Happens When Auctions Fail

Frauds and Scams

3/23/12   Well-Traveled Fraud—Advance-Fee Scams Target Non-U.S. Investors Using Fake Regulator Web Sites and False Broker Identities
4/14/11   "China" Stocks—Look Beyond the Name Before You Invest
7/15/10   HYIPs—High Yield Investment Programs Are Hazardous to Your Investment Portfolio
2/24/09   Avoiding Investment Scams
10/23/07   Save Your Energy and Money—Don't Fall for Energy Stock Scams
9/10/07   "Free Lunch" Investment Seminars—Avoiding the Heartburn of a Hard Sell
7/11/06   "Dash" Gov Sites Part of Ploy to Dash Off With Your Money
12/28/05   Bird Flu Stock Scam Could Be Hazardous to Your Financial Health
12/13/05   Beware of Hot Stock Tips on Your Cell Phone
9/16/05   Beware of Stock Fraud in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
9/16/05   Stock Spams and Scams

Margin and Borrowing

10/30/13   Investing with Borrowed Funds: No "Margin" for Error
5/3/04   100 Percent Mortgages: The Low Down on No Money Down

Mutual Funds & ETFs

7/9/10   Treasury's Guarantee Program for Money Market Mutual Funds: What You Should Know
8/18/09   Leveraged and Inverse ETFs: Specialized Products with Extra Risks for Buy-and-Hold Investors
4/12/07   Systematic Investment Plans—Educate Yourself Before You Enlist
2/26/04   Net Asset Value Transfers: Look Before You Leap Into Another Mutual Fund
11/3/03   Mutual Fund Breakpoints: Are You Owed a Refund?
6/25/03   Class B Mutual Fund Shares: Do They Make the Grade?
3/27/03   Principal-Protected Funds—Security Has a Price
1/14/03   Mutual Fund Breakpoints: A Break Worth Taking
1/14/03   Understanding Mutual Fund Classes
8/23/02   Funds of Hedge Funds—Higher Costs and Risks for Higher Potential Returns

Promissory Notes

1/11/01   Promissory Notes Can Be Less Than Promised

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

8/15/12   Public Non-Traded REITs—Perform a Careful Review Before Investing

Retirement Accounts

6/26/08   Weathering Tough Financial Times—The Long-term Costs of Quick Cash
5/29/08   401(k) Debit Cards—Think Before You Swipe
9/6/07   Putting Too Much Stock in Your Company—A 401(k) Problem
4/26/06   Think Twice Before Cashing Out Your 401(k)
8/10/01   "Stretch" IRAs—Too Much of a Stretch for You?

Trading Securities

9/27/12   When Trading Stops: What You Need to Know About Halts, Suspensions and Other Interruptions
7/10/12   Exchange-Traded Notes—Avoid Unpleasant Surprises
7/25/11   The Grass Isn’t Always Greener—Chasing Return in a Challenging Investment Environment
9/15/08   If a Brokerage Firm Closes Its Doors
3/15/06   Customer Advisory Centers: Not Your Typical Securities Firm Call Center
11/5/02   Bearing Up in a Bear Market: You Still Need to Open Your Account Statements