FINRA Board of Governors

Rulemaking Items for Discussion at the February 2013 Meeting
The FINRA Board of Governors will consider the following rulemaking items at its February 2013 meeting. After the February 13 meeting, FINRA will notify firms via email about the Board's actions on these items and anticipated next steps, if any.

Corporate Financing
The Board will consider proposed amendments to Rules 5110 (Corporate Financing Rule—Underwriting Terms and Arrangements) and 5121 (Public Offerings of Securities With Conflicts of Interest) to refine the scope of the rules.

Margin Requirements for Security-Based Equity Swaps
The Board will consider a proposed new rule regarding margin requirements for equity swaps that are security-based swaps (referred to as SBES). FINRA would publish a Regulatory Notice seeking comment after the SEC takes action on its recently proposed capital, margin and segregation rules for security-based swap dealers and major security-based swap participants.     

Membership Rules
The Board will consider a proposal to seek comment on revised consolidated FINRA membership rules.

Private Placement Filings
The Board will consider a proposal to revise the current form that member firms submit as part of private placement filings.