Regulatory Notice 08-39

FINRA Requests Comments on Proposed New Rules Governing Communications About Variable Insurance Products; Comment Period Expired: September 30, 2008

Executive Summary

FINRA requests comment on proposed changes to guidelines on illustrations of tax-deferred versus taxable compounding in advertising and sales literature (NASD Interpretive Material 2210-1) and communications with the public about variable life insurance and variable annuities (NASD Interpretive Material 2210-2). The proposal would:

  • shorten and simplify existing provisions regarding product identification, liquidity and guarantee claims;
  • consolidate previous FINRA staff guidance concerning variable insurance product communications;
  • address changes in variable insurance products and the manner in which they are advertised, particularly with regard to riders, hypothetical illustrations and investment analysis tools; and
  • codify FINRA staff guidance concerning comparative illustrations of The mathematical principle of tax-deferred versus taxable compounding.

Questions concerning this Notice should be directed to Joseph P. Savage, Vice President and Counsel, Investment Companies Regulation, at (240) 386-4534; or Thomas A. Pappas, Vice President and Director, Advertising Regulation, at (240) 386-4553.

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Comments By Date Received
Mutual Trust Co. of America Securities (PDF 17 KB) 8/14/2008
H. Mark Saunders (PDF 14 KB) 8/14/2008
Ronald Nelson (PDF 14 KB) 8/15/2008
People's Securities (PDF 16 KB) 9/23/2008
Transamerica Capital, Inc. (PDF 55 KB) 9/29/2008
AARP (PDF 1,200 KB) 9/29/2008
AARP (PDF 1,199 KB) 9/29/2008
David Lerner Associates, Inc. (PDF 16 KB) 9/29/2008
Investment Company Institute (PDF 92 KB) 9/30/2008
ACLI (PDF 51 KB) 9/30/2008
Committee of Annuity Insurers (PDF 595 KB) 9/30/2008
NAVA, Inc. (PDF 24 KB) 9/30/2008
Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (PDF 186 KB) 9/30/2008
Jefferson National Securities Corporation (PDF 118 KB) 9/30/2008
The Principal Financial Group (PDF 28 KB) 9/30/2008
Cornell Law School Securities Law Clinic (PDF 2,489 KB) 9/30/2008
The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (PDF 13 KB) 9/30/2008
State of New York Insurance Department (PDF 39 KB) 9/30/2008