Regulatory Notice 10-23

SEC Approves Reporting Asset-Backed Securities Transactions to TRACE and Related Fees; Effective Date: February 14, 2011

Executive Summary

Effective February 14, 2011, firms must begin reporting asset- and mortgage-backed securities transactions to TRACE. FINRA will not disseminate the data; it will collect and study the transaction data and may propose to disseminate it in the future.


In addition, reporting fees for asset- and mortgage-backed securities transactions, and other related amendments to TRACE and FINRA rules will go into effect on this day.


The amended rule text is available at


Questions regarding this Notice should be directed to:


  • Patrick Geraghty, Director, Market Regulation, at (240) 386-4973;
  • Elliot R. Levine, Associate Vice President and Counsel, Transparency Services, at (202) 728-8405; or
  • Sharon Zackula, Associate Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel, at (202) 728-8985.

The new effective date for reporting asset-backed securities to TRACE is May 16, 2011. See Regulatory Notice 10-55.