Regulatory Notice 12-32

Changes to Advertising, Corporate Financing, New Membership and Continuing Membership Application, Central Registration Depository and Branch Office Annual Registration Fees


Effective Dates:

July 2, 2012:  Advertising and Corporate Financing fees

July 23, 2012:  New Membership and Continuing Membership Application fees

January 2, 2013:  Central Registration Depository fees and Branch Office Annual Registration fees and related waiver process


Executive Summary

Effective July 2, 2012, FINRA is increasing fees for (1) reviewing advertising material filed with FINRA and (2) filing offering documents pursuant to FINRA Rule 5110. Effective July 23, 2012, FINRA is increasing its new member application filing fee and imposing a new continuing membership application filing fee. Effective January 2, 2013, FINRA is changing fees relating to  (1) the Central Registration Depository (CRD® or CRD system), including fees for initial/transfer registration, disclosure filing, system processing, fingerprint processing, mass transfer registration and late disclosure; and  (2) branch office annual registration and related waiver process.


The text of the rule amendments effecting these fee changes is set forth in the following Attachments:


Attachment A — Rule amendments regarding advertising fees
Attachment B — Rule amendments regarding corporate financing fees
Attachment C — Rule amendments regarding fees related to CRD
Attachment D — Rule amendments regarding membership application  process and branch office registration fees


Questions concerning this Notice should be directed to:

  • Amy C. Sochard, Director, Advertising Regulation, at (240) 386-4508  (regarding advertising fees);
  • Paul Mathews, Director, Corporate Financing Department, or Joani Ward,  Assistant Director, Corporate Financing Department, at (240) 386-4623  (regarding corporate financing fees);
  • Mario DiTrapani, Vice President, Registration and Disclosure, at (240) 386-4796 (regarding fees related to CRD and branch office registration);
  • Joseph J. Sheirer, Director and Counsel, Membership Application Program, at  (212) 858-5132 (regarding membership application process fees);
  • Office of Finance – Billing Department at (240) 386-5397; or
  • Office of General Counsel at (202) 728-8071.


This Notice was updated on July 5, 2012, to correct a typographical error in the table of fees for Large, Tier 2 firms applying for a Material Change in Business.