Glossary of Analyst Research Report Terms

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Balance Sheet A summary of a company's assets, liabilities, and shareholder's equity.
Bear Market A market in which stock prices decline over a prolonged period of time.
Beta A measure of the volatility of a stock relative to an overall market index during a given time period. The market has a beta of one; therefore, a security with a beta of one is exactly as volatile as the market. A beta of less than one indicates lower volatility than the market; a beta of more than one indicates higher volatility than the market. Sometimes, beta values can be negative, indicating that the stock moved in the opposite direction of the market index during the given time period. In most cases, negative betas are short-lived and not indicative of the underlying volatility of the stock.
Book Value A company's assets, minus liabilities and intangible assets
Bull Market A market in which stock prices rise over a prolonged period of time.