2003 News Releases


December 30, 2003 -   NASD: 2003 in Review
December 11, 2003 -   NASD Sanctions Metropolitan Investment Securities For Abusive Sales Practices and Supervisory Violations
December 09, 2003 -   NASD Fines and Suspends Banc of America Securities Analyst for Overstated Research Reports and Providing Advance Notice of Price Targets and Ratings
December 05, 2003 -   NASD Charges Former U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Representative with Sales Practice Violations and Failure to Cooperate in Investigation
December 04, 2003 -   NASD Files Rule to Increase Disclosure of Information About Firms and Their Employees; Initiates Web-Based Reports
December 03, 2003 -   NASD and the CIArb Provide a London Alternative to Resolve Transatlantic Investment Disputes
December 02, 2003 -   NASD Announces $10-Million Education Fund
December 02, 2003 -   NASD Board Approves Joint CEO/Chief Compliance Officer Certification Rule to be Filed with SEC
November 24, 2003 -   NASD Approves Rules to Reform IPO Process
November 21, 2003 -   NASD Proposes Disclosure Rule for Mutual Fund Expenses in Performance Advertising
November 17, 2003 -   NASD Charges Morgan Stanley with Giving Preferential Treatment to Certain Mutual Funds in Exchange for Brokerage Commission Payments
November 11, 2003 -   NASD Reminds Securities Firms of Obligations When Selling Non-Conventional Investments
November 06, 2003 -   NASD Reminds Firms of Obligation to Provide Information without Delay in Arbitrations
November 05, 2003 -   NASD Charges Peter Kellogg with Fraudulent Wash and Matched Trades
November 04, 2003 -   NASD Reminds Securities Firms Fee-Based Accounts Must Be Appropriate
November 03, 2003 -   SEC and NASD Announce Actions as a Result of Findings of "Breakpoint" Overcharges on Mutual Fund Transactions
November 03, 2003 -   American Stock Exchange and NASD Agree on Plan to Make Amex an Independent Entity
October 16, 2003 -   NASD Charges Long Island Firm, its President, and Two Former Managers as a Result of Fraudulent "Boiler Room" Sales Practices
October 16, 2003 -   NASD Dispute Resolution Establishes New Hearing Location in Newark, New Jersey
October 13, 2003 -   NASD Sanctions Wells Investment Securities and its President for Non-Cash Compensation Rule Violations
October 09, 2003 -   NASD Charges Continental Broker-Dealer Corp. and its Executives with Sales Practice and Supervision Violations
September 24, 2003 -   NASD Kicks Off Mediation Settlement Month; Lower Mediation Prices for October
September 16, 2003 -   NASD Fines Morgan Stanley $2 Million for Prohibited Mutual Fund Sales Contests
September 15, 2003 -   NASD Alerts Investors of the Risks Associated with Using Margin to Purchase Securities
August 28, 2003 -   NASD Proposes Heightened Supervision for Brokers with a History of Customer Complaints, Investigations or Regulatory Actions
August 18, 2003 -   NASD Files Three Enforcement Actions for Fraudulent Hedge Fund Offerings
August 18, 2003 -   Charles A. Bowsher Joins NASD's Board of Governors
August 12, 2003 -   NASD Files Enforcement Actions Involving Unsuitable Sales of Mutual Funds
August 07, 2003 -   NASD Proposes Disclosure of Mutual Fund Compensation Arrangements
August 05, 2003 -   NASD Unveils Innovative 401(k) Learning Center
July 30, 2003 -   NASD Charges Louisiana Broker With Unsuitable Sales of Variable Annuities and Mutual Funds of More Than $6 Million
July 22, 2003 -   Joint NASD/Industry Breakpoint Task Force Issues Report
July 21, 2003 -   NASD Charges Sisung Securities with Wrongfully Receiving Over $2 Million in Underwriting Fees in 21 Municipal Bond Offerings
June 30, 2003 -   NASD to Begin Administering D.H. Blair Restitution Fund for New York County District Attorney's Office
June 25, 2003 -   NASD Brings Enforcement Action For Class B Mutual Fund Share Sales Abuses And Issues Investor Alert on Class B Shares
June 18, 2003 -   NASD Provides Members Guidance Regarding Instant Messaging
June 04, 2003 -   NASD Proposes Joint CEO/Chief Compliance Officer Certification
June 02, 2003 -   NASD Agrees to Principle Terms To Sell American Stock Exchange To GTCR Golder Rauner LLC
May 29, 2003 -   NYSE/NASD IPO Advisory Committee Publishes Report and Recommendations
May 28, 2003 -   NASD Charges Former Merrill Lynch Managing Director with Issuing Misleading Research, Selectively Disclosing Material Non-Public Information and Improper Gift Giving to Tyco's CEO
May 27, 2003 -   NASD Launches Online Chairperson Training for Arbitrators
May 27, 2003 -   NASD Takes Disciplinary Actions for Variable Annuity Abuses and Issues Investor Alert on Variable Products
May 19, 2003 -   NASD's NAC Bars Tony Elgindy and Expels Key West Securities, Inc. for Manipulative Short Selling Scheme
April 28, 2003 -   Ten of Nation's Top Investment Firms Settle Enforcement Actions Involving Conflicts of Interest Between Research and Investment Banking
April 28, 2003 -   The Securities and Exchange Commission, NASD and the New York Stock Exchange Permanently Bar Henry Blodget From the Securities Industry and Require $4 Million Payment
April 28, 2003 -   The Securities and Exchange Commission, New York Attorney General's Office, NASD and the New York Stock Exchange Permanently Bar Jack Grubman and Require $15 Million Payment
April 22, 2003 -   NASD Fines Altegris Investments for Hedge Fund Sales Violations
April 15, 2003 -   NASD Charges Invemed Associates with Sharing in Customers' Profits from Hot IPOs
April 14, 2003 -   NASD Adds Sale Data of 120 "Triple-B-Rated" Corporate Bonds for Dissemination to Public
April 08, 2003 -   NASD Charges Firm, Execs with Trading Ahead of Research and Short Sale Violations
March 11, 2003 -   SEC, NASD, NYSE Release Findings of Breakpoint Examination Sweep; Broker-Dealers to Review Transactions
March 06, 2003 -   NASD Charges Frank Quattrone with Spinning, Undermining Research Analyst Objectivity, Failure to Cooperate in Investigation
February 28, 2003 -   SEC Approves NASD Plan to Significantly Increase Corporate Bond Sale Data Dissemination
February 26, 2003 -   NASD Dispute Resolution has Second Consecutive Record Year
February 20, 2003 -   NASD Fines J.P. Morgan for Sharing in Profits from Hot IPOs
February 18, 2003 -   NASD Announces Joint NASD/Industry Breakpoint Task Force
January 27, 2003 -   NASD Names Nick Bannister Managing Director For International Affairs and Services
January 24, 2003 -   NASD Reminds Members of Obligations When Selling Hedge Funds
January 23, 2003 -   NASD Announces an International Symposium to Debate the Need for Global Adoption of International Accounting Standards
January 15, 2003 -   NASD Alerts Investors to Problems in Mutual Fund Breakpoints
January 09, 2003 -   NASD Charges Robertson Stephens with Sharing in Millions of Dollars of Customers' Profits in Exchange for "Hot" IPO Shares