October is FINRA Mediation Settlement Month

FINRA and Its Mediators Offer Reduced Mediation Costs

Parties can take advantage of the cost savings with participating mediators from September 15 through November 15, 2018.

The Office of Dispute Resolution invites you to take advantage of significantly reduced mediation prices during FINRA Mediation Settlement Month. Our aim is to encourage parties to experience the benefits of mediation for the first time, and to reinforce its value and effectiveness for those who have mediated already. Print out our Mediation Settlement Month flyer with details about the annual event for your own use or to share with a client.

To participate in this program, Parties must agree to mediate from September 15 to November 15, 2018 and conduct the mediation by January 15, 2019.

The Savings

During Mediation Settlement Month, FINRA will cut its Mediation Filing Fees in half. To determine what rates may apply to your case check FINRA Mediation Fees. FINRA mediators will offer the following rates for mediation sessions:

  • The amount in controversy up to $25,000 parties pay $100/party for a 4-hour mediation
  • The amount in controversy from $25,000.01 to $100,000 parties pay $200/party for a 4-hour mediation
  • The amount in controversy over $100,000 parties pay $500/party for an 8-hour mediation
    (Any time over the above listed amounts, the rate will be at the selected mediator’s regular hourly rate.)

We anticipate another successful Mediation Settlement Month, so start planning now. To learn more information about this program, please call or email a mediation administrator listed below.

Title Name/Email Phone

National Mediation Administrator

Leon de Leon

(561) 447-4917

Each year during Mediation Settlement Month, FINRA helps coordinate Mediation Settlement Day. This event joins together over one hundred public service organizations, community-based programs, schools, court programs, and bar organizations to help promote awareness and use of mediation.

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