Notice to Members 04-11

NASD Reminds Members and Associated Persons of Their Duty to File Uniform Submission Agreements

NASD's Code of Arbitration Procedure (Code) requires respondents in NASD arbitrations to serve an answer and an executed Uniform Submission Agreement (USA) at the time the answer to the Statement of Claim is due. NASD has learned that some members and associated persons named as respondents in arbitration proceedings are neglecting or refusing to submit a signed USA in a timely manner. Failing to sign and submit the USA may cause confusion, lead to ancillary litigation, and undermine the enforceability of arbitration awards. The purpose of this Notice is to remind members and associated persons named as respondents that, absent a specific jurisdictional challenge, submission of a USA is mandatory, and that failure to comply may result in sanctions or disciplinary action.

Questions regarding this Notice may be directed to Laura Gansler, Counsel, NASD Dispute Resolution, at (202) 728-8275, or via e-mail at