Notice to Members 05-63

NASD Seeks Comment on Increasing the Frequency of Short Interest Reporting

Comment Period Expired November 29, 2005

NASD is issuing this Notice to Members to solicit comments from members and other interested parties on proposed changes to Rule 3360, Short Interest Reporting. Currently, Rule 3360(a) requires members to maintain a record of total short positions in all customer and proprietary firm accounts in NASDAQ securities -and listed securities if not reported to another self-regulatory organization (SRO)-and requires members to report such information to NASD on a monthly basis. NASD is seeking comment on a proposed change to Rule 3360 that would require members to record and report total short position information to NASD twice per month. NASD believes that increasing the frequency of short interest reporting requirements will provide additional and more timely information related to short selling to investors and other interested parties.

Questions concerning this Notice may be directed to the Legal Section, Market Regulation at (240) 386-5126; or Office of General Counsel, Regulatory Policy and Oversight, at (202) 728-8071.

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