Notice to Members 05-82

SEC Approves Amendments to Arbitration Fees Applicable to Certain Statutory Employment Discrimination Claims;

Effective Date: January 17, 2006

On October 24, 2005, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved an amendment to the fee schedule for certain statutory employment discrimination claims.1 Under the new fee schedule, a current or former associated person who brings a statutory employment discrimination claim that is subject to a predispute arbitration agreement will pay no more than a $200 filing fee at the time that the claim is filed. The member that is a party to such a statutory employment discrimination arbitration proceeding will pay the remainder of the filing fee, if any, as well as all forum fees.

1 Securities Exchange Act Release No. 52658 (October 24, 2005), 70 FR 62362 (October 31,2005) (File No. SR-NASD-2005-046).