OATS Reportable Securities List

Effective with the October 17, 2011 OATS Release, the OATS Rules will require member firms to report to FINRA order information for all NMS stocks and OTC equity securities. Initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, Direct Participation Programs (DPPs), "restricted securities", as defined by SEC Rule 144(a)(3) under the Securities Act of 1933, and any securities designated in the PORTAL Market are not reportable to OATS.

Rule 600(b)(47) of Regulation NMS defines “NMS stock” as “any NMS security other than an option.” An “NMS security” is defined as “any security or class of securities for which transaction reports are collected, processed, and made available pursuant to an effective transaction reporting plan, or an effective national market system plan for reporting transactions in listed options.” 

“OTC equity security” shall have the same meaning as defined in Rule 6420, except that for purposes of the Rule 7400 Series, the term OTC equity security shall not include direct participation programs, as defined in Rule 6420

OATS Reportable Security Daily List

The OATS Reportable Security Daily List is a list of all NMS stocks and OATS reportable OTC equity securities representing the current trading day. FINRA will publish two files each day, one representing the list of reportable securities as of the start of the trading day (SOD) and a second file representing the list of reportable securities at the end of the trading day (EOD). The SOD OATS Reportable Security Daily List will be published daily by 6:30 a.m.EST and the EOD OATS Reportable Security Daily List will be published by 6:30 p.m.EST. The EOD file will contain any securities added during the trading day. Securities deleted during the trading day will not be in the EOD file. To ensure all securities reportable during any given trading day are identified for reporting, firms are encouraged to use both the SOD and EOD files.

The OATS Reportable Security Daily List file is defined as follows:

Field Name Maximum data length Definition
Symbol 14 characters Issue Symbol
The unique symbol for the OATS Reportable security. For exchange listed securities, the symbol represents the format published by the primary listing market.
Issue_Name 255 characters Issue Name
Primary_Listing_Mkt 6 characters Primary Listing Market
AMEX – NYSE Amex BATS – BATS – BZX Exchange
CHX – Chicago Stock Exchange
NASDAQ – The NASDAQ Stock Market
NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
U – Unlisted (OTC Equity Securities)

For the OATS Reportable Security Daily List SOD and EOD files see:

OATS Reportable Securities File Retrieval Instructions.