New in the Public Offering Filing System

Effective June 30, 2014, FINRA will add five new features to the Public Offering Filing System.

Increased the Number of Characters for “Issuer Name”

The maximum number of character spaces for the “Issuer Name” increased from 40 to 70. You will be able to enter the entire Company’s name in the field.

New SEC Forms

We have added new “SEC Registration Forms” (S–6, F–4, and all of their related forms and amendments) to the “Filing Information” section.

Filing Fee Information

In the “Fed Wire” tab, there is now a new section of the total filing fees accessed and the current FINRA balance. We note that this balance may not include payments received that may not have been processed.

Not Required SEC Documents

A checkbox has been added in the “Filing Information” section. This feature allows you to identify an SEC document that may have been filed inadvertently.

Participation Status

A new member role “Finder” has been added to the participation status in the “Parties” tab.