Risk Monitoring Reports

Risk Monitoring Reports allow you to view data submitted to FINRA associated with equity trading activity, customer debits, customer complaints and rep histories. This data is not rule-specific, but rather serves as a way to:

  • Review valuable industry data to help you see how your firm compares to the industry as a whole
  • Share information useful to your compliance team and risk managers
  • Confirm the accuracy of data submitted to FINRA by clearing firms on your behalf
  • View trends over time and spot anomalies that may benefit from further review
  • Use this data to better prepare for internal reviews and examinations

Unlike many of the reports on the Report Center, these reports are not designed to evaluate a firm's performance in respect to a particular rule. Rather, the Risk Monitoring Reports enable firms to examine trends that may indicate potential areas of risk, but do not necessarily indicate a rule violation.

Descriptions of the reports are included in the table below. You may also wish to reference frequently asked questions (PDF 96 KB) or instructions on how to access underlying detail data (PDF 382 KB) for these reports.


Canceled and As-Of Trades Report

View a monthly summary of cancels and as-ofs in your firm's equity trading activity, as provided to FINRA by your firm or your clearing partner; this report also allows you to drill down to view daily details.

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Customer Debits Report

View a monthly summary of unsecured customer debits and margin debits in your firm's customer accounts, as provided to FINRA by your firm or your firm's clearing partner; this report also allows you to drill down to a daily detail view.

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Sales Practice Complaint Report

Look for trends in quarterly snapshots of sales practice complaints, as compared to your firm's number of registered reps and sales revenue; evaluate your firm's stats against industry figures.  

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Registered Representative Composition Report

Spot trends in the profile of your firm's registered reps, including changes in total rep population, addition of reps new to the industry, reps that have transferred from another firm, and more. Compare these stats to industry figures. Review details of calculation changes (PDF 22 KB) effective with 2nd Quarter 2009 data.

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Customer Complaint Report

Monitor patterns in your firm's quarterly complaint reporting. View the problems and products that generate the most complaints for your firm, as well as across all complaints reported to FINRA.  Review your firm's performance against industry statistics.

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Note: Member firms should make no inference that the staff of FINRA has or has not determined that the information contained in these reports does or does not constitute rule violations.
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