Requesting Extensions for Testing

After FINRA processes your enrollment request, you have 120 days to schedule an examination appointment. If you are unable to schedule an appointment within the allotted time, under certain circumstances FINRA may extend your 120-day enrollment window.

For instance, if you attempt to schedule an appointment at your area Prometric testing center at least 10 business days before your enrollment expires and there are no appointment times available, FINRA may extend your enrollment to the next available appointment.

Be aware that you can’t schedule an appointment past the expiration date of your 120-day window, nor will FINRA grant an extension. If your enrollment expires, FINRA will require your firm to submit a new request, along with applicable fees.

Note that extensions also will be denied if:

  • you call before your enrollment window expires and you are unable or unwilling to accept available openings; or

  • you call before your enrollment expires and there are no appointments available, but you are unable or unwilling to take the first available appointment after the expiration date.

Remember, FINRA does not have a hardship policy if you’re unable to take an exam. If you miss your enrollment period for any reason, the cost of the exam will not be refunded or applied to another examination.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact FINRA’s Gateway Call Center at 301-590-6500.