Upcoming Board Meeting


Robert W. Cook, FINRA President and CEO


FINRA Member Firms


Monday, March 5, 2018

This week, the FINRA Board of Governors will meet for the first time in 2018. I want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the discussions scheduled to take place.  

In keeping with our usual practice for the first meeting of the year, the Board will review FINRA’s annual corporate goals. The Board will also receive an update on FINRA360, the organizational improvement initiative that kicked off last year. In addition, during the two-day meeting, the Board is scheduled to meet with the SEC’s Director of Trading and Markets Brett Redfearn.

Highlighted below are some of the key items the committees will be considering during the meeting. 

  • The Regulatory Policy Committee will review several current rulemaking and policy initiatives, including:
    • changes to the membership application rules as a result of a retrospective review of those rules; and
    • a change to the Code of Arbitration Procedures with regard to arbitrator honoraria.
  • The Regulatory Operations Oversight Committee will discuss the examination and risk-monitoring programs, implementation of TRACE for Treasuries, and the application of the enforcement principles that Enforcement Head Susan Schroeder discussed in a speech at a SIFMA conference in February. The committee will also meet with the FINRA Ombudsman. 
  • The Nominating and Governance Committee will review proposed changes to various standing committee charters and discuss current and future Board vacancies, as well as responses to the Special Notice on Engagement that FINRA issued last year.
  • The Investment Committee will review FINRA’s investment portfolio, meet with FINRA’s portfolio managers and discuss FINRA’s recently released Financial Guiding Principles.
  • The Finance, Operations and Technology Committee will discuss FINRA’s technology and capital initiative roadmap and the implementation of the Financial Guiding Principles.

I look forward to sharing an update about these discussions after the meeting.


Robert W. Cook
President and CEO