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First Command Restitution Information

This case is closed. You may review eligibility and related claims information for reference only.

Former First Command customers may be eligible to receive restitution of a portion of sales loads they paid in the purchase of systematic investment plans in conjunction with our Enforcement Action

Who is eligible for restitution?

Only those customers who purchased Systematic Investment Plans from First Command between January 1, 1999 and December 15, 2004 and terminated their plans between January 1, 1999 and December 15, 2004 are eligible for restitution.

Eligible customers also must have paid an effective sales charge greater than 5%.

What should you do if you believe you are eligible for restitution?

Contact First Command Client Services to determine if you are eligible for restitution:

First Command Financial Planning
1 First Comm Plaza
Fort Worth, TX 76109

(800) 443-2104

Via email:

What options are available to investors?

The remediation plan does not foreclose your ability to pursue arbitration or mediation if you believe you have suffered losses. You should consult an attorney as to your rights.

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